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Guardian, a Q5id App to Help Find the Missing

With experience in diverse executive leadership positions, Dominic O’Dierno is the CEO of Amare, a consulting firm in Portland, Oregon. Dominic O’Dierno is also a senior consultant at Q5id, which developed Guardian, an app that expedites finding missing persons.

Guardian differs significantly from Q5Id’s other products because paid offerings like Know Your Employee (KYE) utilize biometrics to obtain identity verification, which complements traditional background checks. In contrast, Guardian is free and relies on a crowdsourcing methodology to operate, consisting of profiles of users’, called volunteers by the company, and loved ones.

Unlike traditional missing person descriptions from news outlets and police agencies, Q5id emphasizes that volunteers should include unique physical attributes and personality traits. When someone goes missing, everyone who has downloaded Guardian in that person’s geographic region receives a notification, so recipients can pool their knowledge to find a missing person. This process is faster for gathering information than interviewing individuals who last saw the person.


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