Missing Children Education and Hotline

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A graduate of the University of Oregon, Dominic O’Dierno is the CEO of Amare in Portland. At the firm, Dominic O’Dierno provides financial services and counseling. He is also engaged in philanthropic activities and promotes and supports nonprofit organizations such as the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children is an organization that aims to help parents find missing children as well as prevent all forms of child exploitation or abuse. The organization provides people with a 24/7 hotline where they can report information about their missing child such as location, name, and other relevant information that can help the authorities in the search. It then sends this data to all other organizations that have the goal of finding missing children so that there are as many people and communities working together as possible.

It also provides technical assistance and training to parents and communities about how to identify child exploitation and how to prevent it. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children also develops programs in schools and institutions that can help children in areas such as cyberbullying and Internet safety, as well as child abuse prevention.

Why Children with Autism Go Missing and What to Do – NCMEC

A cum laude graduate from the University of Oregon (finance and marketing), Dominc O’Dierno is the CEO of Amare LLC, a consulting firm that advises clients on early stage business growth and real estate transactions. A philanthropist, Dominic O’Dierno supports the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). NCMEC has a special protocol for parents of children with autism to help them find their children if they ever go missing.

Children with autism go missing for a various reasons. They may wander off toward things that interest them like road signs, trains, and water bodies or they may run away to escape various stimuli such as sounds, sights, and surroundings. In 2020, NCMEC received 291 reports about missing children with autism. Of the 291, 73 percent were found within the first week. A 10-year study revealed that 63 percent of the children recovered deceased died of drowning.

Parents of children with autism can lower the likelihood of their children going missing by identifying the risks early and sharing them with the people who know their children like neighbors, relatives, and teachers. Risks are things that attract children like trains, water bodies, bright lights, and highways. They can even keep maps of local areas with water bodies, highways, and other landmarks clearly indicated so people close to the children will know where to look in case they go missing. Further, parents should always have recent photos of their children available to help with searches. When moving to new neighborhoods, they should contact local law enforcement to find out whether they have programs for tracking children who go missing.

How Yoga Helps People with High Blood Pressure

Dominic O’Dierno started Amare, LLC, in Portland, Oregon, in 2012. As the CEO of the consulting firm Dominic O’Dierno oversees financial modeling, real estate transactions, strategic agreements, and legal counseling. In his spare time he practices yoga.

Yoga is a highly effective and non-invasive therapy for lowering blood pressure. It’s very good at lowering the diastolic level, which is the most critical. People with high blood pressure are advised to practice specific asanas (postures) while recognizing that other asanas may not be suitable for them. Pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation, both yogic practices, are especially helpful for individuals with high blood pressure.

Blood pressure may be lowered by exercising regularly and consuming a nutritious diet. High blood pressure and, more particularly, chronic heart disease may be treated with yoga, meditation, and nutrition. Holistic lifestyle changes may not only reduce the risk of heart disease by naturally reducing blood pressure and cholesterol, but they can also reverse coronary artery disease without the need for prescription drugs or surgery.

Adopting yoga practices and concepts may enhance physical and mental well-being, improving resilience to stress and, by extension, high blood pressure.

Tips for Effective Strategic Planning

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A cum laude graduate from the University of Oregon, Dominic O’Dierno is the CEO of Amare LLC in Portland, Oregon. A philanthropist and Royal Rosarian, he is also an asset manager and CFO for Cypress, a real estate developer in North Dakota. Dominic ODierno advises clients in areas such as strategic planning.

A strategic plan sets priorities and lays out future growth plans for a business or organization. Here are three tips on creating an effective plan.

Be adaptive: To survive unanticipated or changing circumstances, a strategic plan must be adaptive. During the life of a strategic plan, whether it’s three or five years, you may realize that one or more of the strategy’s underlying assumptions is flawed, has been overtaken by events, or is incomplete and may need to be changed or modified.

Avoid templates: Avoid the rigid application of templates when developing a strategic plan. When the same template is used each year, it can lead to rote responses, stale ideas, and plans that obscure the key issues that need to be addressed.

Be expansive and inclusive in discussions: Include diverse participants and different perspectives, ideas, and hypotheses during your planning sessions. You can then focus the specifics derived from the general discussions.

Hiking Trails to Try in Portland

With a background in finance and marketing, Dominic O’Dierno is a consultant with Amare in Portland. He specializes in advising business clients. He is also a volunteer and supports charitable animal organizations such as the Pixie Projecta and Dove Lewis. A resident of Portland, Dominic O’Dierno keeps his pets healthy and takes them for walks and hikes.

If you enjoy hiking, Portland has much to offer. Here are three trails worth trying if you are in the city or its environs:

1. Lower Macleay trail

Set alongside the calm waters of Balch Creek, Lower Macleay Trail is an explosion of moss-jacketed hemlocks, leafy salal bushes, licorice ferns, and impressive fir specimens.

2. Pittock Mansion hike

The mansion is a popular place to visit, perhaps less for the building itself than for the view it gives over the city and the surrounding mountains. From Pittock Mansion, hike through Forest Park and get engulfed in a temperate rainforest.

3. Dogwood Loop

For an evening out, this is an easy loop located off NW 53rd. After the parking area, follow the narrow Dogwood trail to the left. No matter when you visit, Dogwood Trail is an enjoyable short excursion in Forest Park.

Yoga – Why This Form of Meditation Is Good for You

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Dominic O’Dierno is the CEO of Amare, LLC, a consulting firm. He advises clients on strategic plan development, funding strategy, and business development. Outside of work, Dominic O’Dierno enjoys pursuing wellness practices like meditation and yoga outside of his professional activities.

Yoga focuses on breathing, strength, and flexibility and is one of the oldest spiritual, physical, and mental practice forms. It incorporates meditation, breathing exercises, and poses designed to reduce stress and encourage relaxation. The goal of this meditation discipline is to attain tranquillity in both spirit and mind.

Studies have shown that yoga decreases the secretion of cortisol, the primary hormone responsible for stress. Regularly practicing yoga helps clear your mind, calms you, and increases concentration. It also increases body awareness.

Research has also found that practicing may improve your sleep quality, improve social function, enhance spiritual well-being, and reduce anxiety and depression symptoms of anxiety in cancer patients. Yoga also enhances cardio and circulatory health.

Why Feed Pets a Raw Food Diet?

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A graduate of the University of Oregon, Dominic O’Dierno is the CEO of Amare. In this role, he consults in the business, technology, and healthcare industries. He is also a volunteer with Pixie Project, which assists with fundraising campaigns for animal-focused organizations. Dominic O’Dierno enjoys walking his family dogs and supports their healthy eating habits.

Raw pet food diets are gaining popularity among animal lovers. These diets are a shift from heavily processed foods as they emphasize natural ingredients. Compared to the human digestive system, a dog’s or cat’s system is much shorter and designed to fully digest foods such as raw meat, fruits, and vegetables. Their digestive systems are not designed for heavily processed ingredients, grains, or fillers widely used by manufacturers of many kibble foods.

The accumulation of starchy kibble often causes periodontal issues in pets. On the other hand, raw pet food is safer as it doesn’t contain much starch or processed fats. The food can easily be broken down by a pet’s saliva, thus reducing the risk of gum problems. Raw diets contain several ingredients that support healthy skin and coat health, such as omega-3 fatty fats and acids. Omega-3 fats also provide anti-inflammatory benefits.

Guidelines for Issuing AMBER Alerts

The recipient of a BA in finance and marketing from the University of Oregon, Dominic O’Dierno has served as the CEO of Amare, LLC, for nearly two decades. In this capacity, Dominic ODierno focuses on providing business development consulting services to companies and individuals. Additionally, Dominic O’Dierno volunteers with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), a nonprofit organization tasked by the United States Department of Justice with managing secondary AMBER Alert releases.

Law enforcement issues an AMBER alert because they received notification that an abduction occurred. Before issuing an AMBER warning, law enforcement must confirm an abduction and child’s level of danger. Stranger abductions are the most hazardous for children. Allowing activations without substantial evidence might lead to system abuse and reduce the system’s efficacy.

The United States Department of Justice issued guidelines for AMBER Alerts. The guidelines create a standard across the country and avoid fatal delays from misunderstandings among various jurisdictions. They are:

1. Law enforcement has grounds to believe that an abduction has happened.

2. Law enforcement believes the child remains in imminent danger of death or serious physical damage.

3. Law enforcement has enough detailed information about the victim and the abduction to issue an AMBER Alert to aid in the child’s rescue.

4. The abducted child is under the age of 17.

5. The National Crime Information Center (NCIC) system received the child’s identity and other key data components, including the Child Abduction flag.

Pet Blood Donor Qualifications at DoveLewis

A successful Portland, Oregon-based consultant specializing in executive-level strategic advice, Dominic O’Dierno has served as the chief executive officer of Amare, LLC, since 2012. In this position, Dominic ODierno provides consulting services to clients in various sectors. Dominic O’Dierno has also advocated for several organizations, including Dove Lewis.

DoveLewis acts as a hub for support, education, and community. DoveLewsi focuses on the well-being of dogs and cats. Among other core values, it provides accessible treatment for severely ill and injured pets, including those with conditions that require a blood transfusion. DoveLewis accepts pet blood donations from pet owners who intend to use their animal companies to save the lives of others. Efficient guidelines and care ensure that the blood donor’s health is not compromised. Every year, DoveLewis’ volunteer dog and cat teams contribute enough blood for around 700 transfusions at DoveLewis hospital and other clinics.

Each pet donor must fulfill certain requirements before transfusion to guarantee that they will be healthy during their service. These are the following:

1. Aged between one to six years.

2. Weigh a minimum of 55 pounds.

3. Vaccinations up to date, and should include heartworm and flea vaccines.

4. Never received a blood transfusion.

5. Ability to commit for a period of two years, with four to six transfusions per year.

NCMEC Partners with Universities to Address Abuse in Young Athletes

Since 2012, Dominic O’Dierno has served as manager of the Portland, Oregon-based Amare, LLC, a consulting firm that assists start-ups. Outside of his work with the firm, Dominic O’Dierno commits his time to community-minded organizations such as the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC).

In May 2021, the NCMEC announced a partnership with athletes from two universities to prevent young athletes from being sexually abused. The athletes involved in the partnership are also students at the University of Michigan and Ohio State University who were victims of sexual abuse by team doctors at each institution.

The point of the partnership is to educate trainers, parents, coaches, and other adults on preventing incidences of sexual abuse from occurring with young athletes. Moreover, the partnership is designed to impart information regarding identifying and reporting acts of sexual abuse that have been committed on an athlete.

According to the son of the founders of NCMEC, Callahan Walsh, having abuse survivors participate in educating those involved with athletes at the collegiate level is important in curbing the incidence of abuse. Moreover, their roles are important in dismantling the culture of silence, which has allowed this abuse to continue in sports.

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