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About Deepfake Technology and Cybersecurity Hazards

A cum laude graduate from the University of Oregon, Dominic O’Dierno is a financial executive who leads Amare. Through the firm, he serves as a consultant to start-up companies, advising them on financing, investor relations, and strategic plan development. Dominic O’Dierno concurrently serves as a senior advisor to Q5id, the developer of a patented biometric enrollment and authentication platform that offers everyone reliable and secure digital IDs.

Deepfake technology is a salient identity misrepresentation technology used for entertainment. Deepfake uses AI to generate images, videos, and audio snippets that mimic individuals, although the person does not participate in its creation. Instead, deepfake technology incorporates features unique to the subjects into the media to render them, including facial characteristics and voice.

A famous example of a deepfake application is the late NBA player Kobe Bryant’s cameo in the artist Kendrick Lamar’s music video “The Heart Part 5.” Technology morphed Lamar’s face into Bryant’s. Many fans watched the video within a few days after its release.

The Heart Part 5 pays homage to the late athlete. However, deepfake technology can mimic anyone to commit fraudulent acts like online identity and cyber attacks. Cybersecurity providers, like Q5id, offer tools that can protect entities from deepfake fraud.

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