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How Yoga Helps People with High Blood Pressure

Dominic O’Dierno started Amare, LLC, in Portland, Oregon, in 2012. As the CEO of the consulting firm Dominic O’Dierno oversees financial modeling, real estate transactions, strategic agreements, and legal counseling. In his spare time he practices yoga.

Yoga is a highly effective and non-invasive therapy for lowering blood pressure. It’s very good at lowering the diastolic level, which is the most critical. People with high blood pressure are advised to practice specific asanas (postures) while recognizing that other asanas may not be suitable for them. Pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation, both yogic practices, are especially helpful for individuals with high blood pressure.

Blood pressure may be lowered by exercising regularly and consuming a nutritious diet. High blood pressure and, more particularly, chronic heart disease may be treated with yoga, meditation, and nutrition. Holistic lifestyle changes may not only reduce the risk of heart disease by naturally reducing blood pressure and cholesterol, but they can also reverse coronary artery disease without the need for prescription drugs or surgery.

Adopting yoga practices and concepts may enhance physical and mental well-being, improving resilience to stress and, by extension, high blood pressure.


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