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Tips for Effective Strategic Planning

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A cum laude graduate from the University of Oregon, Dominic O’Dierno is the CEO of Amare LLC in Portland, Oregon. A philanthropist and Royal Rosarian, he is also an asset manager and CFO for Cypress, a real estate developer in North Dakota. Dominic ODierno advises clients in areas such as strategic planning.

A strategic plan sets priorities and lays out future growth plans for a business or organization. Here are three tips on creating an effective plan.

Be adaptive: To survive unanticipated or changing circumstances, a strategic plan must be adaptive. During the life of a strategic plan, whether it’s three or five years, you may realize that one or more of the strategy’s underlying assumptions is flawed, has been overtaken by events, or is incomplete and may need to be changed or modified.

Avoid templates: Avoid the rigid application of templates when developing a strategic plan. When the same template is used each year, it can lead to rote responses, stale ideas, and plans that obscure the key issues that need to be addressed.

Be expansive and inclusive in discussions: Include diverse participants and different perspectives, ideas, and hypotheses during your planning sessions. You can then focus the specifics derived from the general discussions.


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