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Hiking Trails to Try in Portland

With a background in finance and marketing, Dominic O’Dierno is a consultant with Amare in Portland. He specializes in advising business clients. He is also a volunteer and supports charitable animal organizations such as the Pixie Projecta and Dove Lewis. A resident of Portland, Dominic O’Dierno keeps his pets healthy and takes them for walks and hikes.

If you enjoy hiking, Portland has much to offer. Here are three trails worth trying if you are in the city or its environs:

1. Lower Macleay trail

Set alongside the calm waters of Balch Creek, Lower Macleay Trail is an explosion of moss-jacketed hemlocks, leafy salal bushes, licorice ferns, and impressive fir specimens.

2. Pittock Mansion hike

The mansion is a popular place to visit, perhaps less for the building itself than for the view it gives over the city and the surrounding mountains. From Pittock Mansion, hike through Forest Park and get engulfed in a temperate rainforest.

3. Dogwood Loop

For an evening out, this is an easy loop located off NW 53rd. After the parking area, follow the narrow Dogwood trail to the left. No matter when you visit, Dogwood Trail is an enjoyable short excursion in Forest Park.


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