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Why Feed Pets a Raw Food Diet?

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A graduate of the University of Oregon, Dominic O’Dierno is the CEO of Amare. In this role, he consults in the business, technology, and healthcare industries. He is also a volunteer with Pixie Project, which assists with fundraising campaigns for animal-focused organizations. Dominic O’Dierno enjoys walking his family dogs and supports their healthy eating habits.

Raw pet food diets are gaining popularity among animal lovers. These diets are a shift from heavily processed foods as they emphasize natural ingredients. Compared to the human digestive system, a dog’s or cat’s system is much shorter and designed to fully digest foods such as raw meat, fruits, and vegetables. Their digestive systems are not designed for heavily processed ingredients, grains, or fillers widely used by manufacturers of many kibble foods.

The accumulation of starchy kibble often causes periodontal issues in pets. On the other hand, raw pet food is safer as it doesn’t contain much starch or processed fats. The food can easily be broken down by a pet’s saliva, thus reducing the risk of gum problems. Raw diets contain several ingredients that support healthy skin and coat health, such as omega-3 fatty fats and acids. Omega-3 fats also provide anti-inflammatory benefits.


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