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Pet Blood Donor Qualifications at DoveLewis

A successful Portland, Oregon-based consultant specializing in executive-level strategic advice, Dominic O’Dierno has served as the chief executive officer of Amare, LLC, since 2012. In this position, Dominic ODierno provides consulting services to clients in various sectors. Dominic O’Dierno has also advocated for several organizations, including Dove Lewis.

DoveLewis acts as a hub for support, education, and community. DoveLewsi focuses on the well-being of dogs and cats. Among other core values, it provides accessible treatment for severely ill and injured pets, including those with conditions that require a blood transfusion. DoveLewis accepts pet blood donations from pet owners who intend to use their animal companies to save the lives of others. Efficient guidelines and care ensure that the blood donor’s health is not compromised. Every year, DoveLewis’ volunteer dog and cat teams contribute enough blood for around 700 transfusions at DoveLewis hospital and other clinics.

Each pet donor must fulfill certain requirements before transfusion to guarantee that they will be healthy during their service. These are the following:

1. Aged between one to six years.

2. Weigh a minimum of 55 pounds.

3. Vaccinations up to date, and should include heartworm and flea vaccines.

4. Never received a blood transfusion.

5. Ability to commit for a period of two years, with four to six transfusions per year.


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