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Proactive Corporate Decision Making in the Middle of COVID-19

A successful entrepreneur and longtime Oregon resident, Dominic O’Dierno serves as the CEO of Amare, LLC. He offers consulting services to clients about strategic plan development and early-stage business. Dominic O’Dierno is interested in the challenges that businesses face since the beginning of the pandemic.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many small business owners have suffered unanticipated challenges. In the middle of these challenges, entrepreneurs are faced with the need to strive for the continuous functioning of their business. Aside from keeping their business running, they are also responsible for protecting and reassuring their employees. Achieving this and dealing with uncertainty requires quick decision-making, which many entrepreneurs are not readily capable of due to analysis paralysis or the inability to make decisions as a result of overthinking.

With delayed decisions, corporations are exposed to more problems that more decisions can only address. One common misconception in this area is that some business managers and entrepreneurs believe any decision they make will determine the overall fate of their corporation, making them reluctant to jump into a decision in the middle of uncertainty. For the simple fact, however, decisions are never final and are subject to change. Ideally, entrepreneurs can prioritize corporation needs to make proactive decisions on urgent needs and build more confidence regarding their abilities to navigate through uncertainties.


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