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A Look at Animal Welfare

Vet combing pekingese dog hair, doing cleansing procedures in veterinary clinic

Holding a BS in finance and marketing from the University of Oregon in Eugene, Dominic O’Dierno is the CEO of Amare, a consulting firm in Portland. Dominic O’Dierno has made charitable donations to various organizations including Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), and he also supports animal welfare causes.

In its entirety, ensuring the welfare of animals under a person or group’s care is a human responsibility that encompasses all crucial considerations regarding the well-being of an animal such as nutrition, disease prevention and treatment, proper housing and management, humane handling and responsible care, and humane euthanasia (when necessary). Essentially, good animal welfare can be pointed out easily in animals – these expressions include comfort, safety, healthiness, and manifestation of innate behavior. Since animal welfare practice also includes on-time disease prevention and veterinary treatment when appropriate, well cared for animals are less likely to find themselves in unpleasant states like pain and distress.

Animal welfare practice protocols are created by balancing professional judgment and scientific knowledge with societal values and ethical considerations. The goal of these protocols is to guarantee a good life for every animal. While animal welfare is sometimes confused with animal rights, the two are different. The goal of animal welfare is to promote the responsible and humane use of animals, while animal rights typically promote the prohibition of any use of animals, regardless of the way they are treated.


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