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Some Healthy Human Foods for Dogs

A member of the Mortar Board, Dominic O’Dierno serves as CEO of Amare. Outside of his professional activities at the consulting firm, Dominic O’Dierno is passionate about dogs and their health and nutrition.

While there are many brands that manufacture edible products for dogs, some dog owners are concerned about highly processed pellets that can increase the chances of cancer or obesity. The following are some of the healthy human foods that can provide health benefits to dogs when included in their diets:

1. Carrot – While chewing on this veggie alone can help remove plaques from pet’s teeth, carrot also contains a sufficient amount of fiber that will help prevent runny stool. In addition, carrots contain beta-carotene, the precursor to vitamin A which improves a dog’s eyesight in the same way it does to humans.

2. Green Bea – Perfect for obese dogs, green beans help reduce excess weight and contain vitamin A, C, and K that serve important roles in the eyes, blood, and immune system. Green beans must be prepared and served alone with no additives or spices.

3. Egg – Egg aids in tissue repair, strengthens fur and also helps build muscle. The shell also contains calcium (which fortifies bone and teeth) and can be given to dogs after the egg has been boiled and the shell ground.


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