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WePROTECT Becomes Independent in 2020

A businessman from Portland, Oregon, Dominic O’Dierno is the CEO of Amare, LLC, a consulting firm that assists in launching startups. Outside of his professional pursuits, Dominic O’Dierno supports nonprofit organizations, such as WePROTECT, that are dedicated to protecting children from harm.

WePROTECT is an organization that aims to shield children from harm and exploitation. Since 2014, WePROTECT has initiated several activities such as providing governments with new technologies, facilitating the understanding of child sexual exploitation in the online world, and hosting international summits and Hackathons.

In the commission of these activities, the organization has also built up a following, allowing them to operate independently from the UK government. In April 2020, the organization-through the assistance of philanthropic organizations-was able to redefine its role and expand its mission to assist 97 governments, 27 technology companies, and 31 civil organizations.

Now operating as an alliance, WePROTECT plans to advance three major priorities. These initiatives include driving top decision-makers to take action, and thus empowering children and survivors, being a resource of knowledge, and establishing new networks, and facilitating collaboration globally, including establishing an enhanced online presence.


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