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Benefits of Mixed-Use Development Projects

Dominic O’Dierno is the CEO at Amare, a Portland, Oregon company that provides managing advisory services on key financial concepts such as business development and strategic plan development. Having given donations to organizations like Pixie Project, Church’s Auxiliary for Social Action, and Oregon Children’s Theater, Dominic O’Dierno is also a member of the Royal Rosarians. He also serves as a chief financial officer at Cypress Development and oversees mixed-use projects in North Dakota.

Mixed-use projects feature buildings and utilities for residential and non-residential purposes. They combine pedestrian functions with utilities and public amenities on a broad selection of scales. Below are some of the benefits of mixed-use development projects:

1. Offers better use of space

Specific mixed-use development designs deliver optimum space occupation through function combination. Vertical-style mixed-use projects allow for multiple uses in a single unit, which means that public utilities could reside at the bottom half of a building. The top is reserved for residential purposes. Investors could benefit from the multiple income streams the efficient use of space avails.

2. Allows for complimentary services

Within the horizontal-styled mixed-use projects, there are discrete buildings for single purposes, positioned across and adjacent to one another over a piece of land. It creates a broad option of complimentary use cases that people can access within a walkable distance. The integration makes a sustainable ecosystem, with residential functions relying on non-residential ones and vice-versa.

3. Saves development costs

Mixed-use projects require intensive planning, but the cost of preparing a sustainable composite plan would be offset by the overall financial cost saving on the area’s actual development.


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