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How Yoga and Meditation Improve Sleep

Before starting his role as CEO of the consulting firm, Amare, Dominic O’Dierno co-founded Eid Passport, where he served as senior vice president for 11 years. Dominic O’Dierno dedicates to his wellness in his free time and is interested in health and nutrition research, meditation, and yoga.

Yoga and meditation are two different wellness practices that can be combined or done separately. It is scientifically proven that both practices are useful for people with trouble sleeping.

Poor sleep quality can be associated with numerous factors, including high blood pressure, obesity, depression, and anxiety. Meditation can relax the body and release tension, and those who become skilled in this practice are more likely to control the racing thoughts that often lead to insomnia.

A study from 2005, for example, divided participants into three groups: a control group, one practicing yoga, and another taking an herbal preparation. The yoga group has shown better results than the other two groups, falling asleep faster, sleeping for longer, and feeling more well-rested in the morning.

In 2004, a study showed that both yoga and meditation increased the secretion of melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep. In this study, a group of men had their maximum nighttime melatonin levels raised after practicing yoga for three months.


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